Poultry Live Vaccine

Infectious Laryngotracheitis Vaccine£¬Live(Strain K317)

¡¾Composition¡¿This product contains k317 strain of infectious laryngotracheitis virus. The virus content of each feather was no less than 102.7 eid50.

¡¾Character¡¿Spongy loose mass, easy to separate from the bottle wall, dissolved quickly after adding diluent.

¡¾Function and Use¡¿For the prevention of infectious laryngotracheitis. It is suitable for chickens over 35 days old. The immune period was 6 months.

¡¾Usage and Dosage¡¿Spot inoculation. According to the label, the feather was diluted with normal saline, 1 drop (0.03ml) for each feather. The hens were inoculated for the first time at 35 days old, and then inoculated again before laying eggs.

¡¾Adverse reactions¡¿There was no obvious adverse reaction.


1. After dilution, the vaccine should be placed in a cold dark place and used up within 3 hours.

2. When inoculating chickens under 35 days of age, we should make a small group test first, and then expand the use when there is no heavy reaction. Chickens under 35 days of age had poor effect after using the vaccine, and the second inoculation was needed after 21 days.

3. Before and after inoculation, the environmental hygiene management and disinfection of chicken house should be done well to reduce the bacterial density in the air and reduce the eye infection.

4. It is only used in epidemic areas. The vaccine should not be used when serious respiratory diseases (such as infectious rhinitis, mycoplasma infection, etc.) occur in chickens.

5. The used vaccine bottles, utensils and unused vaccines should be treated innocuously.

¡¾Specification¡¿100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000.

¡¾Packaging¡¿5 bottles / box, 10 bottles / box, 20 bottles / box.

¡¾Storage and Validity period¡¿ - stored at 15 ¡æ for 18 months.

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