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  • 2019

    On January 26, 2019, the product number of trivalent inactivated vaccine of recombinant avian influenza virus (H5 + H7) was obtained

    OnMarch 18, 2019 the suspension culture inactivated vaccine production line successfully passed the GMP dynamic acceptance of veterinary drugs

    On May 29, 2019, the production line of microecological preparation passed the acceptance of the Department of agriculture and rural areas, and obtained the production license of feed additive

  • 2018

    On July 16, 2018, the company's technical center obtained CNAs laboratory accreditation certificate

    On September 13, 2018, it won the "top 10 vaccine technology breakthrough brands" and the "entrepreneur of the year"

    On November 27, 2018, the company obtained the feed additive production licens

  • 2017

    On February 26, 2017,American AMBRA company CEO Qiao Tiecheng and chief medical officer Dr. Hei Yongjiang, accompanied by general manager Wu of the group company, visited the company to visit chatan. Weng Yanjun, general manager, Liu Hongbin, assistant general manager, Zhang Fengqiang, assistant general manager, and Dr. Zhou Jianhua, chief scientist, received the visit.

    On July 1, 2017, the company received the production number of recombinant avian influenza virus (H5 + H7) bivalent inactivated vaccine

    On July 14, 2017, the company obtained infectious bursal disease live vaccine (B87 strain + CA strain + CF strain)

  • 2016

    On January 11 the company passed the ISO certification and obtained the ISO Certificate.

    On January 19, the company obtained the new veterinary drug certificate of Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis and infectious bursal disease triple inactivated vaccine (LA SOTA strain + M41 strain + HQ strain)

    On February 25, the company obtained bivalent inactivated vaccine of H5 subtype of recombinant avian influenza virus (re-6 strain + re-8 strain); trivalent inactivated vaccine of H5 subtype of recombinant avian influenza virus (re-6 strain + re-7 strain + re-8 strain)

    On May 3, the company won the first prize of the technological invention award of the Ministry of education.

    On September 3, Mr. Wang Dong and his party from the GMP expert group of the Chinese regulatory institute visited the company for GMP inspection, and the company's four production lines for egg yolk antibody passed the verification smoothly.

    September 3: Harbin Pharmaceutical and vaccine company won the "top ten technological breakthroughs in veterinary biological products brand"

    On September 27, the company obtained the serial number of live vaccine (H120 strain) of avian infectious bronchitis heat-resistant protective agent

  • 2015

    On April 2, the company independently developed a new technical product of "refined egg yolk antibody against gosling plague" and realized the first transfer.

    On April 19, the director of caixuepeng Institute of China regulatory institute led two experts to the company for flight inspection, and the company passed the flight inspection successfully.

    On May 5, Jinan Branch of Harbin Pharmaceutical and vaccine technical service center was established.

    On May 11, Fujin sub center of Harbin Pharmaceutical and vaccine technical service center was established

    On October 12, the company obtained the certificate of new veterinary medicine for the new inactivated vaccine.

    On October 23, the company obtained the new veterinary drug certificate of goat infectious pleuropneumonia inactivated vaccine (Mycoplasma caprine subsp. Caprine m1601 strain).

    On November 20, the company won the certificate of proficiency testing laboratory.

  • 2014

    OnMarch 17, the French Sihua animal health company,Jerome Andre Gaultier, President and chief financial officer of global new business cooperation, and Regis Michel, senior vice president of China, visited the company. 

    On March 18, the company won the excellent project award for transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in Harbin. 

    On June 12, the company obtained the certificate of new veterinary drug and the production document number of ruibeishi 

    On October 15, the company won the 2013-2014 China Animal Health influential brand 

    On November 17, the company obtained the new veterinary drug certificate of inactivated Newcastle disease vaccine (strain a-vii).

  • 2013

    On June 18, the "duck viral hepatitis attenuated live vaccine (ch60 strain)" jointly developed by our company and other three units has passed the examination and approval of the Ministry of agriculture and obtained the national class II new veterinary drug certificate.

    On October 15, the expert group of great wall (Tianjin) Quality Assurance Center conducted annual supervision and review on the company's GB / t9001:2008 quality management system and GB / t24001:2004 environmental management system.

    On October 31, Ms. Tatyana chernichenko from biocentre LLC, Moscow, Russia, and manager Zheng visited our company to discuss the agency and cooperation of mink vaccine and the import and export of corresponding products.

    On November 27, "Xinxin QC group" of the company's quality management department won the honorary titles of "national excellent quality management group" and "Harbin excellent quality management group" in 2013.

    On November 27, Comrade Zhao Hui from the quality management department of our company won the first prize of individual in the first veterinary medicine vocational skills competition jointly held by China Veterinary Drug Supervision Institute, China veterinary drug association and veterinary drug industry vocational skill appraisal guidance Station of the Ministry of agriculture, and won the "senior skill certificate for veterinary biological product inspectors".

    On December 16, ruibeishi (Wang) won the award of "the most influential wheezing vaccine" in the 2013 China pig industry product list.

  • 2012

    On June 18, 2012, the 50th anniversary ofcompanyestablishment.

  • 2011

    In January 2011, the GMP demonstration expert group of the Ministry of agriculture inspected and accepted.

    The first production department (live vaccine workshop), the second production department (inactivated vaccine workshop) successfully passed the re inspection and acceptance, and the third production department (large animal vaccine workshop) passed the acceptance, which was recommended as the veterinary drug GMP qualified workshop.

  • 2010

    In June 2010, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group cooperated with Pfizer to transfer high-tech animal vaccine products. The company successfully bid for the inactivated vaccine of Mycoplasma pneumoniae of Pfizer company, marking that the company has entered the high-end pig vaccine market.

  • 2009

    On May 9, 2009, it passed the identification of "provincial enterprise technology center".

  • 2008

    In September 2008, SPF chicken farm construction project.

    The signing ceremony for the construction project of SPF chicken farm between Harbin Pharmaceutical Group biological vaccine Co., Ltd. and Wuchang municipal government was held in the meeting room of the company. In January 2008, the new workshop passed the GMP acceptance.

    The new production workshop of inactivated avian influenza vaccine passed GMP acceptance of veterinary drugs.

  • 2007

    In September 2007, the company changed its name.

    The name of the enterprise was changed to "Harbin Pharmaceutical Group biological vaccine Co., Ltd." and the nature of the enterprise changed from state-owned to state-owned holding limited liability company, realizing the diversification of enterprise property rights.

  • 2006

    In November 2006, the company designated to produce avian influenza vaccine.

    It has been approved by the Ministry of agriculture of the people's Republic of China and has become a designated manufacturer of avian influenza vaccine.

  • 2005

    In October 2005, it was recommended as a GMP qualified workshop for veterinary drugs.

    The workshop of live vaccine and inactivated vaccine passed the acceptance of GMP expert group of Ministry of agriculture, and was recommended as qualified workshop of veterinary drug GMP.

  • 2001

    In January 2001, he joined Harbin Pharmaceutical Group.

    To excellent business performance to join Harbin Pharmaceutical Group.

  • 1997

    In August 1997, it was the first GMP certification in China.

    Heilongjiang huaxueyan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been put into operation with Japanese joint venture, becoming the first biological product enterprise with GMP certification in China.

  • 1995

    In March 1995, Guangya radiation was put into operation.

    Harbin Guangya radiation New Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 1992

    In August 1992, the factory changed its name.

    The factory was renamed Heilongjiang Province Biological Products Factory No.1.

  • 1989

    In July 1989, the Co 60 irradiation station was completed and put into operation.

    The Co 60 irradiation station has been completed and put into operation, which is one of the major atomic energy irradiation stations in China.

  • 1986

    In November 1986, Soybean Rhizobium workshop was completed.

    The soybean rhizobia workshop with an investment of 4.98 million yuan has been built with an annual soil and fertilizer capacity of more than 1000 tons.

  • 1977-1985

    From 1977 to 1985, several vaccines were put into production.

    The factory has successively produced Newcastle disease L-Series vaccine, Marek HVT vaccine, equine infectious anemia leucocyte vaccine, rabies vaccine and tetanus serum. The factory has also developed sheep pox cell vaccine, mink Aleutian disease diagnosis antigen, classical swine fever enzyme diagnostic reagent, human medical pregnancy diagnostic reagent, rheumatoid diagnostic reagent, etc Rheumatism anti-o reagent, participated in the experiment of purifying tuberculin and Brucella red antigen developed by China National Monitoring Institute, and put into production after success.

  • 1976

    At the beginning of 1976, the vaccine was put into production.

    The CSFV cell vaccine developed by the Provincial Institute of zoology and our factory has been successfully transferred to the workshop for production.

  • 1973

    On March 24, 1973, the factory changed its name.

    It was renamed No.1 veterinary drug factory of Heilongjiang Province.

  • 1972

    In 1972, the annual output value reached 3.642 million yuan.

    A total of 38 varieties of bacterial vaccine and diagnostic fluid were produced, the output reached 283 million head plumes, 10.52 million pieces of chemical liquid injection, and the annual value reached 3.642 million yuan.

  • 1968

    In May 1968, a chemical workshop was built.

    The chemical medicine workshop was built in the factory, and 1000 square meters of chemical drug preparation workshop was built and put into use in September 1969.

  • 1964

    In the first half of 1964, the factory was put into production.

    Eight varieties of bacteria and vaccines were produced throughout the year, with an annual output of 39.25 million and an output value of 243000 yuan.

  • 1963

    On March 10, 1963, technicians were transferred in.

    82 technicians from Harbin Veterinary Institute were transferred in.

  • 1962

    June 18, 1962, the company was officially established.

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