Quality Assuance

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group biological vaccine Co., Ltd. adheres to the company's quality mission of "science and technology animal protection, healthy future", Following the company's quality concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, continuous improvement, quality and quantity assurance, and meeting the personalized needs of customers", the company operates according to the GMP system of veterinary drugs, from the management of suppliers, the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, the control and detection of intermediate products process, to the quality control of finished product inspection, storage and transportation, so as to ensure the safety, purity, uniformity and effectiveness of the products in the hands of customers.

The company's quality management department consists of quality assurance department and quality inspection department, equipped with necessary biological safety cabinet, Lycra fluorescence microscope, negative pressure isolator and other equipment, to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of the test data. The quality assurance department is responsible for strictly monitoring whether the production is organized according to GMP of veterinary drugs and internal control quality standards of enterprises, and implements the supervision, management and inspection of production quality, focusing on the high quality and safety of products. Veterinary drug GMP is the basic principle of drug production and quality management, which embodies the control requirements of the whole process of drug production. Establish quality management system according to iso9001:2018 family standards, and promote the organization to continuously improve products and processes through the effective application of the system, so as to realize the stability and improvement of product quality; the company's quality assurance system will organically combine the two, complement each other, and effectively improve the quality management level of the company.

The main means of market competition in the future is product quality as the leading factor. Harbin Pharmaceutical Group biological vaccine Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of relying on quality to build reputation, relying on reputation to expand the market, and relying on the market to increase efficiency, to protect the development of animal husbandry.

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