Poultry Live Vaccine

Live Infectious Bursal disease vaccine (B87 strain)

¡¾Composition¡¿This product contains B87 strain (CVCC AV140) with low virulence and weak virulence.The virus content of each feather shall not be less than 103.0 eid50.

¡¾Character¡¿It is spongy and loose, easy to be separated from the bottle wall, and quickly dissolved after adding diluent.

¡¾Function and Use¡¿Used to prevent Infectious Bursal disease.

¡¾Usage and Dosage¡¿Eye drop, oral administration and injection inoculation. Diluted with normal saline, water for injection or cold boiled water, which can be used for all kinds of chickens. According to the level of maternal antibody, it should be used at 14-28 days of age.

¡¾Adverse reactions¡¿Generally, no adverse reactions were observed.


1. It is only used to inoculate healthy chickens.

2. When inoculating the drinking water, the disinfectant such as chlorine ion should not be contained in the drinking water. The drinking water should be clean and metal containers should not be used.

3. Water should be cut off for 2-4 hours according to the region, season and feed before inoculation. The water dispenser should be placed in a cool place that is not exposed to sunlight. Drinking water should be consumed within one hour.

4. Local disinfection should be carried out during vaccination.

5. The used vaccine bottles, utensils and unused vaccines should be treated innocuously, so as not to pollute other places or people.

¡¾Specification¡¿1000 phr / bottle

¡¾Packaging¡¿10 bottles / box

¡¾Storage and Validity period¡¿Store in 2-8¡æ, the shelf life is 18 months.

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