Swine Inactive Vaccine

Transmissible Gastroenteritis and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Vaccine,Inactivated

¡¾Composition¡¿The vaccine contains inactivated transmissible gastroenteritis virus and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus.

¡¾Character¡¿Pink uniform suspension. After standing, the upper layer is red clear liquid, and the lower layer is light gray precipitation. After shaking, it becomes uniform suspension.

¡¾Function and Use¡¿It is used to prevent transmissible gastroenteritis and epidemic diarrhea in pigs. It is mainly used for inoculating pregnant sows to immunize their piglets passively, and also for active immunization to protect pigs of different ages. The immunity was produced 14 days after active immunization, and the immune period was 6 months. The immune period of passive immunization was from lactation to 7 days after weaning.

¡¾Usage and Dosage¡¿Injection at Houhai acupoint (i.e. the pit between the tail root and anus). The injection depth of the vaccine was 0.5-4 cm according to the age of pigs and 0.5 cm for 3-day-old piglets. With the increase of pig age, the depth of injection increased, and that of adult pigs was 4 cm. The injection depth kept parallel to or slightly higher than the rectum. Pregnant sows were injected with 4ml vaccine 20-30 days before farrowing; their piglets were vaccinated with 1ml vaccine within 7 d

¡¾Adverse reactions¡¿Generally, there were no visible adverse reactions.


1. The vaccine should be protected from high temperature and sunlight during transportation and should be shaken before vaccination.

2. When inoculating the pregnant sows with the vaccine, it is necessary to take appropriate protection to avoid mechanical abortion.

¡¾Specification¡¿40ml / bottle, 100ml / bottle.

¡¾Packaging¡¿10 bottles / box.

¡¾Storage and Validity period¡¿The storage period is 12 months at 4-8 ¡æ.

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