Swine Inactive Vaccine

Swine Parvovirus Vaccine£¬Inactivated£¨Strain L£©

¡¾Composition¡¿The main component is the antigen of Inactivated Porcine Parvovirus L strain. Before inactivation, the virus content per milliliter is not less than 106.0 TCID50, and the hemagglutination value is not less than 512.

¡¾Character¡¿White emulsion.

¡¾Function and Use¡¿It is used to prevent porcine parvovirus disease. The immune period was 6 months.

¡¾Usage and Dosage¡¿Cervical intramuscular injection, 2ml per head. The recommended immunization program: the first time of vaccination is 5-6 months old. The sows were inoculated once 3-4 weeks before each mating, and boars were inoculated twice a year.

¡¾Adverse reactions¡¿There was no adverse reaction.


1. Before use, the vaccine should be restored to room temperature and shaken well.

2. The vaccine should be protected from high temperature, disinfectant and sunlight.

3. Before use, the vaccine should be carefully checked, such as demulsification, deterioration, etc. can not be used.

4. When the vaccine is used within the period of validity indicated, it shall be used up on the same day after the bottle is opened.

5. Do not freeze the vaccine.

6. Pregnant sows should not be used.

¡¾Specification¡¿4ml / bottle, 20ml / bottle, 100ml / bottle.

¡¾Packaging¡¿5 bottles / box, 10 bottles / box.

¡¾Storage and Validity period¡¿The storage period is 12 months at 2-8 ¡æ.

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