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Prevention and control of brucellosis in cattle an

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Brucellosis, referred to as brucellosis, is an acute or chronic zoonotic infectious disease caused by Brucella. Animal disease is characterized by abortion, infertility, orchitis and local lesions in various tissues.

[etiology and pathogenesis] as the susceptible cattle and sheep directly or indirectly contact with the disease pathogen, the disease enters the body from the mouth or through skin, mucous membrane and mating. When the body encounters adverse stimulation and the healthy qi is weak, the pathogenic bacteria multiply and enter the susceptible organs to cause the disease. The disease mainly affects the reproductive system, so it can be seen that the pregnant female abortion and male testicular inflammation.

[main symptom]

1. Cattle: incubation period 2 weeks to 6 months. Lack of obvious systemic symptoms, the most obvious symptom of cows is abortion, which usually occurs in 5-7 months after pregnancy. Before abortion, vaginal mucosa was flushed and swollen, with millet red nodules, labia and breast swelling, and abortion occurred soon. Some cases do not heal for a long time and cannot be pregnant. Non pregnant cattle, often occur arthritis and local swelling, more common in the knee joint. Testitis or epididymis swelling, arthritis and local swelling often occur in sick bulls, and their mating ability is reduced. The course of bovine brucellosis is a chronic process, which can last for several years. After the obvious symptoms disappear, if not accompanied by chronic uterine inflammation, can often self-healing.

2. Sheep: the main clinical symptom of pregnant ewes is abortion, which often occurs in 3-4 months after pregnancy, and the symptoms before abortion are generally not obvious; some sick ewes present gastrointestinal relaxation and mental depression before abortion. Often like to lie prone, loss of appetite, drink to increase, body temperature rise, vaginal outflow of mucinous or sticky blood like secretions. Orchitis, epididymitis and multiple arthritis often occur in sick rams. Brucella ovis can cause epididymitis and infertility.

[treatment] there is no specific treatment for this disease, but xiafa can be used.

In order to prevent brucellosis, comprehensive measures should be taken to prevent brucellosis. The specific methods are as follows: 1. The detected sick animals should be killed and destroyed for harmless treatment; 2. The miscarriages of cattle and sheep should be buried deeply, and the contaminated livestock pens and sites should be thoroughly disinfected; 3. It is forbidden to buy and sell sick animals, and when introducing new livestock, they must be quarantined and free from disease before they can be grouped together; 4. Do environmental sanitation, wash hands after contacting cattle and sheep, do not eat food in cattle and sheep pens, do not eat raw meat and milk, do not eat raw meat and milk To play with lambs, calves; 6, people and livestock houses to separate, cattle, sheep delivery to do a good job in personal protection, such as wearing protective clothing, masks, rubber gloves.

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